Just My Type Letterpress

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I have an 1891 Chandler & Price Old Style platen press. I refer to her as my "Victorian-era Stairmaster." (or Vicki for short.)
I also have a 1947 Vandercook 219OS cylinder press. Her name is "Charlie" after my grandpa. She is painted a silvery-green which is close to Grandpa's 1963 Chevy Bel Air that I drove in high school. These days, I am mostly using Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate's 1925 Chandler & Price 10"x15" since I do all the letterpress printing on their packaging.

Still photos of Vicki by Dawn Photography. Scroll down to see a video of Vicki and photos of Charlie.

Video and editing by Muir Adams.

Photos below by Ryan Filgas.