Lynn M. Jones

I'm a jeans-and-T-shirt kind of girl. I grew up in the San Francisco suburbs. My rather innocent upbringing allowed plenty of time for sports and artistic endeavors. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. 

I cut my first linoleum block in college and liked it, but it wasn’t until my internship with David Lance Goines in 1999 that I discovered what it could mean to me. The “handcraftedness” and the texture within the solid color of linoleum block prints spoke to me. He put me to work cutting linoleum blocks and introduced me to letterpress printing and so many other fabulous things and people. Using Mr. Goines’ press, I started printing things for friends and family. After a few projects, I knew I was hooked. I began acquiring printing equipment in 2003 and set up my own studio in Arcata, CA in early 2005.

I also got married in 2005. In 2007 I needed to take a bit of a break from the biz. I had kids in 2008 and 2011. In late 2013, I decided to bring Just My Type Letterpress back to life. I worked out of my garage until December 2015 when I started printing the packaging for Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate. In Fall 2016, one thing led to another and Siobhan Ayres and I made one of our dreams real: a paper shop in Eureka, CA.

[Photo by Anda Ambrosini]



- initial contact
- all details about theme, colors, number of printed pieces are discussed
- an estimate is worked up and sent to client
- deposit is due
- first ideas are sketched out and a direction is chosen, followed by roughs and final proofs
- linoleum blocks are cut, plates are made, paper is ordered
- pieces are printed
- payment in full is due
- final printed works are shipped to client

LOCAL HUMBOLDT COUNTY WEDDING VENDORS I LOVE WORKING WITH - Anda Ambrosini Photography - j29 Events, Styling & Planning - Gala Events & Weddings - León Villagómez Photography - Flora Organica Designs - Rose Mountain Photography

OTHER STUFF I FIND INTERESTING/INSPIRATIONAL/IMPORTANT/FUN - pretty self-explanatory... Redwood Chappel of Letterpress Printers - website of David Lance Goines, Lynn's printing and design mentor - website of Jessica Hische, kick-ass letterer and altogether nice person - website of Dana Tanamachi,  chalkboard lettering queen and amazing artist