Another Good Day
Lucy Sunbathing
Harder Way
Guided by Dreams
 1-color limited edition linoleum block print. 18" x 24" 2014  This print was created to coordinate with the new banners I designed for the city of Blue Lake, CA. The banners will hang on poles throughout town and were funded through  Dell' Arte International  and their  Artplace  grant. 50 of these prints are available for sale. 50% of each sale will return to Dell' Arte to fund more banners and city beautification.  First edition prints are available here.
The Last Artful, Dodgr
Chinese Horse Print
Lakritz/Bone Wedding Certificate
Rahim/Roberts Wedding Certificate
Gehlhaar/Oriol Wedding Certificate
Dutton/McCord Wedding Certificate
Gregory/Jones Wedding Certificate
 First Anniversary commissioned art piece  18" x 12" Linoleum block carvings, printed in black, then painted with watercolors, cut out and assembled on different layers in a shadowbox frame. Only one final piece was created based on things personal to the couple.
Anderson/Quezada Wedding Certificate
Bug Set
Oranda Goldfish
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