I don't have set prices, because every project is tailored to a client's needs. Things that affect price are the design, the number of press runs, paper choice, quantity of each piece and any handiwork/assembly done to the finished pieces.

I prefer to do all design and printing work myself, but I do offer a la carte services. For example, let's say your cousin is a graphic designer. I can work with them to give me press-ready files. Or maybe you love my designs, but can't afford to have them letterpressed and you'd prefer to have them printed by your local copy shop. I can provide you with PDFs that are all ready to go.

Design work is billed hourly at $75/hour. Sometimes the design comes in a flash of brilliance and the client has minimal changes - that's great! But sometimes, clients have several rounds of revisions to wording, etc. It all adds up … please be certain you have a pretty good idea of what you want before we start the process!


- initial contact
- details gathered
- estimate submitted to client
- estimate approved
- contract submitted, deposit due
- contract signed, deposit made
- design work begins
- review and revisions
- final design(s) approved
- printing
- final payment due on delivery