Harder Way - 8"x10" reproduction

Harder Way - 8"x10" reproduction


"Stop, think! There must be a harder way!"

This quote was printed on a sign in the studio of my mentor, David Lance Goines. Roger Plumb, a hobby printer and fixture at Mr. Goines' studio (St. Hieronymus Press) came up with it, set the type and printed it many years ago. When I first saw it in the spring of 1999, it spoke to me, and I knew I needed to spend more time in that place.

This 8"x10" print is a reproduction of the original 18"x24" block print. It is still printed by letterpress, but from a photopolymer plate, not the original linoleum block.

1-color letterpress printed photopolymer plate. 8"x10".
Open edition. Unsigned.
Fits in a standard 8"x10" frame, looks great un-matted.

Available unframed only.

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