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Print Shop Huntress

Print Shop Huntress


During certain times of the year, my garage studio is full of crickets. Most of the time they keep to themselves and even stay quiet. However, on the night I received the phone call that I had won my first art grant, there was one cricket (a harbinger of good luck) that was chirping away quite loudly. Lucy, my cat, thinks that the crickets are a fun-to-catch and tasty treat, so I try to keep her out of the studio when they are present. I can use all the luck that wants to hang out with me.

1-color letterpress printed wood block cut. Carved in Shina plywood, printed on my Vandercook 219OS. My first printed woodblock carving.
Paper is 8"x10". Image is 6"x6".
Edition of 30. March 2015.
Fits in a standard 8"x10" frame, looks great matted or not.
Available unframed only.

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