First anniversary = paper

When Amanda came to me looking for a paper work of art to give to her wife, I jumped at the chance! As a printer, it's not often I get to create art that there's only one copy of. (And to be honest, I miss it now that it's not in my possession anymore.)

The concept came to me on a long drive home to Humboldt County in February. I would layer the prints and assemble them in a shadowbox frame. I got to work sketching, we settled on the imagery, I cut the linoleum blocks, printed them on Charlie (the Vandercook) painted them with watercolors, cut them out and assembled them inside the frame. Then I shipped it off just in time to meet the deadline. Whew!

Would I do it again? You bet. (But this time I'd charge more since I know how long it takes!)

* Click on the photo above to see detail shots of this project. *