Back to school, back to work.

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Tonight is Back-to-School night for my second-grader, then she has soccer practice, and oh yeah, it's my birthday. Fall is full. There's no better way to explain it — it's just full of so many things. It's nice to have the kids back to their usual schedule, but my schedule is still all over the place. At least I have a nice, quiet workspace to try and figure it all out. Here's what's going on:

My show at Eureka Books is being held over for the month of September. At Arts Alive! on September 6, Eureka Books will honor the late Father Eric Freed. Eureka Books tracked down the last 90 copies of Fr. Freed's book, The Experience of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima in Poem and commissioned a broadside from me. Proceeds of the sale of the book and the broadside will benefit the Religious Studies department at Humboldt State University. Father Freed’s book translates and explains eleven haiku by Hiroko Takanashi, a woman from Hiroshima who was 15 years old when the atomic bomb detonated over the city. The book was published by the Hiroshima Catholic Council for Justice and Peace in 2009. The broadside was a very touching project to work on. I read the book before beginning the work, and there was a deep sadness running through me as I set the type one letter at a time and printed each page by hand.

In addition to the broadside at Eureka Books, I also will have a new inspirational quote poster to show. "Harder Way" is a new linoleum block that I designed, cut and printed in the last few weeks. The quote was originally printed on a sign in the studio of my mentor, David Lance Goines. Roger Plumb, a hobby printer and fixture at Mr. Goines' studio (St. Hieronymus Press) came up with it, set the type and printed it many years ago. When I first saw it in the spring of 1999, it spoke to me, and I knew I needed to spend more time in that place. My "Guided by Dreams" print was new for the August Arts Alive! showing at Eureka Books, but I don't think it made it onto the blog, so it may be new to you, too.

This is turning into a marathon post, so I'll try to make the rest more brief. I'll be at Eureka Books for Arts Alive! this Saturday, Sept. 6, 6-9pm. While you're out, head over to Sewell Gallery to see the extraordinary nature paintings of Shawn Gould, Black Faun Gallery to see paintings and jewelry by Christina Anastasia, and Old Town Jewelers to see mosaics and paintings by Nikki Edge. They're all fantastic!

More upcoming events for me include:

Fieldbrook Art & Wine Festival, Sept. 27, 11am-4pm, at the Fieldbrook Winery. I'll be selling prints and maybe t-shirts!

Pastels on the Plaza, Oct.4, early in the morning. I'll be drawing on the sidewalk, so look for my backside. :)

Redwood Chappel of Letterpress Printers meeting, Oct. 25. This is when we put that fantastic calendar together. More info on that next time.

Exclusive Engagement Wedding Show, Nov. 9, at Celebration Boulevard in Eureka.

Bayside Grange Holiday Makers' Fair, Dec.14. I am already thinking about Christmas. Ugh.

And I have a wedding project, maybe some new cards for sale in Nov./Dec. and a new large cat print for a big show in L.A. in January. Good thing I started drinking coffee.

Lynn Jones